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February 2016

The report cited that developing countries spent $167bn on clean energy in 2015 compared to developed countries which spend $162bn

Clean energy investment surges past fossil fuels to new heights

Against a precarious backdrop of tumbling oil prices, 2015 saw $367bn invested into new renewable power capacity and generators - $114bn more than what was spent on new fossil fuel generation - a new report has found.

The STA believe that solar can make up a large proportion of the energy mix in Scotland

20 ways Scotland can ignite a solar revolution

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has released a new document of 20 ways the Scottish Government can catalyse significant growth in the deployment of solar energy across the country.

A lack of availability of skilled labour, issues over worker welfare and increased demand for transparency and regulation are among the key challenges facing the shipping industry, according to the SSI

New sustainability roadmap launched as shipping industry hits troubled waters over emissions

A coalition of businesses and NGOs including AkzoNobel, Unilever and WWF is introducing a 2040 roadmap and set of shared commitments to help the shipping industry navigate the 'significant challenges' it faces on reducing emissions.

The two departments say their new plans will deliver cheap and clean energy, a strong economy and a healthy environment

DECC and Defra unveil 'ambitious' five-year plans

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have published new departmental plans, detailing the UK's energy and environmental policy priorities from 2015-2020.

BP believes efforts to limit global warming to the 2C standard stablished at COP21 will prove futile

Fossil fuels will reign supreme for next two decades, claims BP

BP has been accused of using its energy outlook reports as a 'public relations exercise' after the oil giant's latest analysis suggests that fossil fuels would still be providing 80% of global energy supplies in 2035.

Renewable energy sources, electrified markets and improvements to transport and connectivity are vital to the UK's future

CBI: Infrastructure Commission needs 'strong teeth' to deliver low-carbon future

The long-term future of the UK is at risk of being "way-laid by politics" if the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) doesn't deliver a fully integrated, low-carbon future that mitigates the impact of climate change, the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has warned.

Tesla are offering free charging appliances for car owners, while Google begin tests on wireless charging EVs

Tesla and Google lead the way in electric vehicle infrastructure push

Global innovators Tesla and Google have announced plans to accelerate the growth of commercial electric vehicles (EVs) by launching new schemes aimed at increasing the infrastructure options available to consumers.

According to Lord Stern, the Paris Agreement could also be nullified unless ‘incremental improvements’ to economic models are introduced

Lord Stern: Flawed economic models underestimate climate risk

Flawed climate economic modelling is underestimating the damage that climate change is causing as well as underestimating the potential of technology to remedy these damages, Lord Nicholas Stern has claimed.

The high street chain is avoiding the 5p plastic carrier bag levy by offering handleless bags to customers free of charge

Card Factory defends plastic bag tax avoidance

Greetings cards retailer Card Factory has fended off criticism of it's decision to sell plastic bags without handles as a way of avoiding the 5p carrier bag charge.

The Government's Levy Control Framework aims to protect consumers by capping energy subsides for low-carbon generation until 2020

Energy industry demands 'urgent review' of Levy Control Framework

The trade association for the UK energy industry Energy has called on the Government to "urgently review" the Levy Control Framework (LCF), providing clarity to companies and investors.

February 2015

Tim Yeo is chairman of the Commons energy and climate change committee

Tim Yeo: Paris climate talks must allow emissions trading system to be linked

The chairman of Parliament's Energy and Climate Change Committee says a new global climate deal due to be agreed at the COP21 Paris meeting must allow for carbon trading between countries.

public engagement in infrastructure planning will lead to more informed decisions of higher quality, with improved legitimacy, especially in sectors urgently needing new infrastructure such as energy and transport.

Green Alliance calls for 'Citizen Voice' on UK infrastructure planning

Environmental think tank Green Alliance is calling for a new body to engage the UK public on proposed infrastructure and improve the current 'failing' infrastructure planning system.

Gwynt y Môr will consist of 160 turbines and is being built by RWE Innogy UK off the North Wales coast

Triple business bonanza for UK offshore wind

The extent of the UK's booming business environment for the offshore wind industry and its supply chain have been demonstrated with three major announcements in the space of 24 hours.

Mondelez's Cocoa Life program has partnered with Fairtrade certification and verification body Flocert as part of the supplier's sustainable cocoa pledge

Mondelez launches new cocoa supply chain sustainability initiative

The world's largest chocolate company is taking a hands-on approach to supply chain management and transparency by employing a bespoke verification system in a bid to improve the social, trade and environmental standards of the cocoa industry.

More than half of the businesses the Energy Saving Trust has worked with have taken action to improve their transport operations

Fuel efficiency drives down costs for Scottish businesses

Businesses in Scotland that implemented transport energy efficiency recommendations from the Energy Saving Trust saved 1,400 tonnes of CO2 last year, equating to £850,000.

The new 10-step guide advises how public bodies can save water and help to save £2bn for the Scottish economy

10-step water efficiency guide launched for Scotland's public sector

A new 10-step guide advising how public bodies can save water and help to save £2bn for the Scottish economy has been released by the Government-funded Resource Efficient Scotland programme.

A tropical rainforest in Borneo being destroyed to make way for oil palm plantation

30% of Indonesia's wood comes from illegal sources, report finds

The Indonesian pulp and paper industry has once again come under fire from conservationists, this time for the legality of fibre supply.

The projections are based on interviews with 260 heads of sustainability and financial data from 5,662 firms.

Sustainability consultants face spending slow-down

Global spending on sustainability consultants will surpass $1bn for the first time in in 2019, but the projected growth rate of 4% is 'far below' original industry estimates.

Shrimp shells contain the materials chitin and chitosan, which can be carbonised to create nanostructured solar cells

Biomass breakthrough creates solar cells from shrimp shells

Researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have successfully created electricity-generating solar-cells with chemicals found the shells of shrimps and other crustaceans for the first time.

The world's largest solar farm capable of powering 160,000 Californian homes opened yesterday in the Southern Californian desert

World's largest solar farm opens in Californian desert

The world's largest solar farm capable of powering 160,000 homes opened yesterday in the Southern Californian desert.

February 2012

UPDATED: edie poll proves businesses divided over water pricing

Businesses are divided over plans by Ofwat to increase water bills, with an edie poll suggesting a near even spilt between those in favour and those against the increase.

Samsung to invest £100m and create 500 Scottish green jobs

Korean electronics giant Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has committed to create 500 renewable energy jobs and invest £100m in Scotland.

Protestors pledge to fight energy giant nuclear power plans

Anti-nuclear protesters have taken squatting rights on farmland owned by energy giant EDF after it was given the go-ahead to clear the proposed nuclear power site in Somerset.

Resource efficiency will drive investment decisions, says Coca Cola

Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE) has made a commitment to ensure retailers selling its products keep sustainability "high on the agenda" and predicts it will drive store investment decisions in the future.

The deal, which will create a €700m business, is due to complete this summer

Merger creates top ten consultancy

Engineering consultancies DHV and Royal Haskoning have announced their intention to merge the two businesses, creating a top ten independently-owned, non-listed firm in their field.

Chinese industry reacts to stricter water standards

Water-stressed industries in China are favouring membrane bioreactor (MBR) technologies for wastewater treatment, in response to newer, more stringent standards.

Government must adopt 'visionary approach" to marine renewables

The UK marine renewables industry has the potential to supply 20% of current energy demand, cut carbon emissions and offer a more "reliable and predictable" source of energy than other renewables, according to a new report.

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne

Former energy secretary and ex-wife to appear in court

Former energy secretary Chris Huhne and his ex-wife Vicky Pryce are expected to appear in court today (February 16) accused of perverting the course of justice over a speeding offence.

Water scarcity short film competition launches

An international short film competition which aims to generate debate around water scarcity and mark World Water Day 2012 has launched.

npower's Tilbury Power Station in Essex

VIDEO: Npower says Tilbury biomass blaze 'under control'

Npower has confirmed that a blaze which broke out at its Tilbury power station in Essex is under control and that the plants three generators unit are being emptied of remaining biomass.

February 2007

Japan's deals with other Asian states have been criticised as an excuse to offload waste

No tax breaks for toxics urge NGOs

Environmental groups are calling on India and Japan not to pave the way for simple shipment of toxic materials as the two countries hammer out a trade agreement which will see duty dropped on a wide range of goods.

Guide to clarify flood-proof planning

A new guide published this week is to help planners in creating flood-proof development by deciphering the contents of the new PPS25, the Government's policy statement on planning and flood risk.

Newport aims to become WEEE hub

News in Brief

Confusion reigns among ethical consumers

Even in this ethically enlightened age many would-be green consumers still feel that they are in the dark when it comes to making the right choices and want more advice from trusted sources.

The Thames Barrier can only protect London until around 2030

Thames Barrier closures highlight growing flood risk

The Thames Barrier closed for the third time in four days on Monday after the highest tidal surge since the facility opened in 1983.

Shipwreck beach re-opened

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Whaling ship threatens Antarctica oil spill

Fears of an oil spill in the pristine Antarctic wilderness mounted this week as a Japanese whaling ship stranded in the Southern Ocean following an accident prepared to move away from the area using its own motors.

Zac Goldsmith hands the Sustainable City trophy to the Fire Brigade winners

London fire brigade leads climate change fight

The London Fire Brigade was rewarded for its efforts to fight climate change as it came top in the Sustainable City Awards, scooping the main trophy as well as the sustainable procurement award.

Carbon emissions would cost the earth

Power companies quiet on climate change as emissions outweigh profits

Less than half the electric utility companies asked for information on their greenhouse gas emissions have chosen to respond to the request from financial institutions with shared investment assets of US$40 trillion.

TNT aims to deliver environmental benefits

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